Projects exploring AI and nonprofits

We've been building, testing and iterating new products that take advantage of Large Language Models since the start of 2023. We're excited to be able to start talking about them.

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Content check

An internal project using GPT4 to make suggestions about written content. When large language models rewrite text everything becomes bland. Using recommendations allows the person writing to remain in control.

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Ready, Set, AI

The first experience with an LLM can be frustrating. What should you ask? Will it build what you ask? Will it have been worth the 15 minutes? Ready, Set, AI is a set of cards giving 260 prompt combos that work with GPT4 to create something cool.

An image showing Redact/Reduce UI

Redact / Reduce

Redact / Reduce allows you to pre-process content - either by redacting or reducing it - before copying it into an LLM. We use it to quickly get summaries from articles and academic papers but it gives you the chance to experiment with removing tokens, or characters, and seeing how an LLM will respond.

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AI Future Ready

How ready is your organisation for the age of AI? The AI Future Ready Assessment is built on our own framework to assess an organisation's maturity in adopting and implementing Artificial Intelligence systems, solutions and strategies.

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Art of the AI Prompt

Prompting Large Language Models (LLMs) doesn’t require a deep expertise, there’s no magic secret to prompting. This is by design, LLMs behave as simulations of human conversation. The Art of the AI Prompt is to talk like a human.

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Governance and ethics framework

We've been building a collaborative tool to help work with AI and LLMs safely. These new tools throw up a range of questions that are hard to navigate. To ensure the tools have a positive impact we need to engage thoughtfully and with care. Our framework is the foundation that enables us to do that.

Wagtail AI

Wagtail AI integrates Wagtail with OpenAI's APIs (think ChatGPT) to help you write and correct your content. Right now, it can: Finish what you've started, correct your spelling or grammar, and let you add your own custom prompts

Conversations with your Content

CoCo is here to help you have conversations with your content. Large Language Models represent one of the biggest technical advances of the last two decades. Every aspect of communication is going to be influenced by AI. For knowledge-bases, intranets and supporter self-serve content we believe nonprofits can already harness incredible capabilities!

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