AI innovation
for nonprofits

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AI will transform how nonprofits operate.

We can support you to unlock AI's potential for your organisation. We've over 20 years experience working with positive changemakers who build a better world.


Build your AI roadmap

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Integrate our proven nonprofit framework to unlock the value of AI in your organisation.

Developed from extensive research and client collaborations, our Strategic AI Roadmap is your blueprint for navigating AI challenges and maximising your nonprofit's impact. It involves identifying opportunities, mapping possible tools your organisation can take advantage of, alongside creating a robust governance framework.

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The insights we gained provided us with a solid foundation to engage in more meaningful discussions about harnessing the power of AI and its potential contribution to Oxfam’s goals.

Theo Ratclif, Head of Website


We know every team has their own specific needs. We've had two decades of co-creating solutions with changemakers. We offer a number of different AI solutions. These can be custom to your organisation or leaning on “off-the-shelf” tools.

Fundraising + income

Strategic approaches to understand and predict donor actions, enhancing fundraising effectiveness.

  • Understanding donor behaviour
  • Probabilistic donor modelling
  • Donor forecasting

Operational efficiency

Utilising automation and AI to streamline processes, augment teams, and detect risks efficiently.

  • Process automation
  • Team augmentation
  • Automating risk detection

Teaching + learning

Crafting customised teaching and learning experiences for optimal outcomes.

  • Tailored teaching experiences
  • Personalise learning experience
  • Robust assessing capabilities


Innovative creation, testing and analysis of content, engaging in social listening, and efficient information synthesis.

  • Content creation & testing
  • Social listening
  • Synthesis and summarisation


Strengthening community ties and enhancing organisational knowledge for increased participant engagement.

  • Community connection
  • Organisation knowledge base
  • Increase engagement

Customer Experience

Focusing on individual customer needs to deliver bespoke experiences.

  • Natural language interfaces
  • AI relationship building
  • Personalised journeys


Empowering your team to use AI

Upskill your people so they can confidently leverage AI technologies safely. Building AI literacy is essential to ensure your nonprofit can continue to positively impact the world.

Through our years of experience we know there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to learning and development. We offer three services for learning.

We offer three learning services

  1. Project-based learning
  2. Interactive sessions
  3. Lunch + Learns
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Our AI services are built to unlock your charity's potential.

Tailored to your needs our services will ensure that AI becomes a powerful tool in your mission. Let's work together to elevate your impact using AI.

- Edd Baldry, Director of Innovation

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