Take small steps to big things

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Validate value, upskill your team, and understand where your organisation is going in bite-sized chunks with our innovation services.

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Accelerate your innovation using LLMs as enablers and a cadence that fits your organisation.

Our Acceleration services


Your people are your most valuable asset. Give them confidence to adopt new tools and ways-of-working.

Our Culture services

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Generative AI is the most disruptive change since the Internet. Get future ready with our workshop series.

Our Strategy services

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The insights we gained provided us with a solid foundation to engage in more meaningful discussions about harnessing the power of AI and its potential contribution to Oxfam’s goals.

Theo Ratclif, Head of Website

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How we work

People first.

People first.








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It isn’t just generative AI that allows us to move fast.

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Who we are

We're a small team with the rare combined experience of start-ups, world leading private companies, charities and nonprofits.

We believe passionately in the positive impact a Lean, experimental, approach can have for social innovation.

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