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Navigating Large Language Models together

Torchbox has been working for over 20 years with nonprofits and organisations looking to bring positive impact to the world. Large Language Models, such as OpenAI's GPT, create incredible opportunities to explore together.





Accelerate your innovation using LLMs as enablers and a cadence that fits your organisation.



Your people are your most valuable asset. Give them confidence to adopt new tools and ways-of-working.



Generative AI is the most disruptive change since the Internet. Get future ready with our workshop series.

Latest projects

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Content check

An internal project using GPT4 to make suggestions about written content. When large language models rewrite text everything becomes bland. Using recommendations allows the person writing to remain in control.

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Ready, Set, AI

The first experience with an LLM can be frustrating. What should you ask? Will it build what you ask? Will it have been worth the 15 minutes? Ready, Set, AI is a set of cards giving 260 prompt combos that work with GPT4 to create something cool.

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